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Evolution of neural network: separate trials for each individual?

02 Mar 2013 | CTRNN, robotics

A few thoughts about the evolution. In a population of 50 neural networks, how do I select which one will decide on next motor action?

So basically, the environment will be reset for each individual, and this individual will be the only one to decide on action in this trial.

Question: If I reset the environment for each trial, will it not affect the learning?

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Deadlines help you achieve the impossible.

Just 10 days left until I have to submit my draft report. This describes how I feel right now:

Super snail


Facebook Hackathon

A week ago I attended Women in Computing Hackathon. Theme was “Health & Fitness”. Our team, “Cheetahs”, was working on an app called “Fittah Cheetah”.