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Pretty charts with dimple.js

21 Jul 2013 | chart, dimple.js, JavaScript

I have spent half a day trying to create a bar chart with d3 library. It’s been quite painful so I could not have been happier when I learned about dimple.js. Dimple is powered by d3, but it does not overwhelm the user with the typical complexity of d3. A simple bar chart can be created in just a few minutes! Have a look below for the step by step example of how to create and customise a chart.

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Clojure is addictive (even though it’s breaking my brain)

21 Jun 2013 | clojure

I’m currently reading Clojure in Action, and going through 4clojure exercises. I have also set up a github repo for my solutions. Feel free to suggest better solutions!

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Clojure reading list

13 Jun 2013 | clojure

I’ve been looking into online tutorials, books, online courses and anything else that can help with learning Clojure.

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