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Code snippets for Keynote

09 Jun 2014 |

I’ve been looking for an easy way to format code snippets for my Keynote presentation and everything seemed quite awkward to use (especially taking screenshots!). I could just add a link to the example and make it open a local webpage, but I’d rather not do that for very short snippets. After some quick research I’ve settled with highlight.

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The end of summer. The end of internship. The end of awesome.

23 Aug 2013 |

This has been a whirlwind of a summer, and I can’t believe it’s come to an end.  Working at Mastodon C has been exactly what I wanted it to be: an awesome experience. I can honestly say I enjoyed every single day. Whether I was working my way out of JavaScript’s scoping labyrinths or learning the power of Cascalog, there was a sense of pride for me knowing that I had directly participated as a part of the team. With a very very rare coffee requests ;-)

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How to process (small) dataset with Cascalog

28 Jul 2013 | Cascalog, clojure, Emacs, Hadoop

My learning at university involved processing Twitter dataset using Hadoop cluster (as part of a very useful module called High Performance Computing). All done using pure Java. These are not good memories. Jobs failing, jobs queuing, cluster experiencing downtime, students panicking, staff complaining. Not to mention the need to write my own Mapper, Reducer, Combiner and a job configuration. And the job was really tiny! Oh, and the need to create a new jar and copy it to hdfs each time I changed the code. If only I could just write a simple query and run it the way SQL is run..

One word: Cascalog.

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