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Common mistakes to avoid when creating an Om component. Part 2.

02 Nov 2014 | clojure, ClojureScript

It’s been a while since the last post. More mistakes have been made, lessons have been learned, so here’s a handful:

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Draggable wrapper component with Om and core.async

26 Sep 2014 | ClojureScript, Om, React

I’ve been looking for a way to enable dragging of Om components, something similar to what Draggable does but much much simpler. I just want to drag component around the UI, no bells and whistles. I didn’t want to add this functionality to each component but just enable it as needed. Hence a wrapping component.

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Common mistakes to avoid when creating an Om component. Part 1.

03 Aug 2014 |

For the past few months I’ve been creating various Om components and most of the time it goes smoothly. But sometimes I do something silly, and it’s not always obvious what it is. What’s obvious is that the UI doesn’t work and throws (sometimes cryptic) errors at me instead. Today I’m gathering what I remember into a tiny post. Maybe someone will find it helpful. And maybe I’ll finally remember those mistakes after putting them down on paper interwebs. One can hope!  :-)

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