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Spreading parentheses of love

20 Apr 2015 |

Last weekend, with the help of 14 teachers and TAs, we brought the first ClojureBridge workshop to London. 20 students that showed up on a day had a wide range of experience levels from total beginners to experienced programmers in other languages.

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Travis CI and ClojureScript tests

21 Dec 2014 | cljs.test, clojure, ClojureScript

I have something to confess: I haven’t written any ClojureScript tests until this very morning. There were various reasons for that and often I would copy whatever was possible to Clojure namespace and test it there using clojure.test. So when a new ClojureScript with a port of the clojure.test namespace – cljs.test – was released, I could no longer ignore it.

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My first Conj

25 Nov 2014 | clojure

Thanks to good people at Cognitect and the sponsors of the Opportunity Grant I had an opportunity to speak at Clojure/conj 2014. It was the second time I’ve given a talk, and a fourth tech conference I attended. And it’s been amazing!

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